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Het BBQkampioenschap van het Waasland is an annual contest. This contest has three parts: KCBS, Culinary & SCA
Part one is KCBS sanctioned. The winner of this contest makes a chance, going to the Jack Daniels cup and the Royal in the USA.
Part two is our culinary contest. The BBQchefs get more freedom and the plates they serve, are on masterchef's level. 
In part three the bbqteams get 2 beautiful steaks and try to grill the best steak ever.

The teams serve at:
12.00 am
12.30 am
Pork Ribs

01.00 pm
01.30 pm
Here they go for a low and slow BBQ.
Some meat have a cooking of 16 hours!

This year we have an extra part, at:
02.00 pm


When: Sunday


What they are going to make is a secret.
Even the chefs don't know it yet at this moment....
Stay tuned for more information



When: Sunday


On this event, the BBQ master tries to cook the best steak.
Carmans provides us the best steaks of the country.



When: Saturday

price money
braggin rights

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